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Skin Care Basics

Four basic skin care steps can achieve your successful skin care: cleansing, toning, moisturizing and special needs such as make-up.

Our skin types are genetically determined, but can vary depending on the following factors, that means different time has different skin type on the same person:

  • diet
  • environment, such as climate change or pollution
  • stress or anxiety
  • cosmetics and skin care products
  • illness or trauma
  • hormone levels, such as during puberty, pregnancy or menopause
  • exercise levels
  • age
  • degree and length of sun exposure

To determine your overall skin type, use this simple blot test. Press one ply of a dry tissue onto your face for ten seconds, then remove and examine the results. Balanced skin is damp with no traces of oil. Dry skin has no oil or moisture residue on the tissue. Oily skin has left oily and possibly dirt traces on the tissue. Combination skin has oily and dry marks on the tissue.

Dry Skin

This skin type is characterized by:

  • dry, flaky patches and is easily chapped
  • feels tight across the forehead, cheeks and chin
  • itchy and easily irritated
  • sensitive
  • bruises easily
  • can appear powdery or scaly
  • prone to fine lines and wrinkles

Dry skin is a result of decreased sebum production, the skin's indigenous oil, which is important in keeping the skin moist and lubricated. Consequently, this skin type has less of an oily barrier, allowing water to evaporate easily through the skin. This process can be worsened by detergents, heating or air conditioning, pollution, inadequate skin care, certain chemical ingredients in cosmetic products, overexposure to sun and wind and overuse of soaps and alcohol-based products.

Helping to 'restore' dry skin involves protecting the skin with creamy, oil-based products and avoiding harsh soaps, scrubs or products which contain alcohol. The Organic Make-up Company recommends its line of gentle, all natural products, specifically: oatmeal soap, floral toner once or twice per week, rich formulation moisturizer in avocado, calendula or jojoba and facial oil in geranium or avocado at night.

Oily Skin

This skin type is characterized by:

  • overall shine
  • enlarged pores
  • coarse texture
  • acne spots and comedones (blackheads)
  • sallow complexion
  • tendency to repel and run make-up
  • resistance to fine lines and wrinkles

Oily skin is the result of excessive secretions of sebum. It can be exacerbated by poor health, or a diet high in saturated fats and sugar. Emotional upset or stress can also trigger more sebum deposits on the skin. Oily skin is worsened by hormone level fluctuations, alcohol-based products and harsh soaps, both of which dry out the skin, thereby activating the oil glands to produce more sebum. Comedogenic ingredients, such as mineral oil and other ingredients which are derivatives of petroleum block pores and can lead to acne spots.

Regular cleansing aids in the removal of bacteria and waxy oils from the pores. Oily skin responds well to alcohol-free toner and a lightweight, natural moisturizer. Try the following products from The Organic Make-up Co. to help 'normalize' oily skin and reduce significantly the frequency of acne break-outs and blackheads: Wild Oregano or Chamomile & Calendula soap, acne-prone toner once or twice per day, regular moisturizer in calendula, jojoba or grapeseed for daytime and acne-prone facial oil at night. A gentle exfoliant once per week, such the dual action exfoliant system offered by The Organic Make-up Co. will help loosen and remove blackheads.

Balanced Skin

This skin type is rare, and is characterized by:

  • a creamy colour
  • thickness
  • smoothness
  • firmness
  • few irregularities or blemishes
  • an even distribution of the skin's natural oil
  • dryness with age

Balanced skin is worsened by many of the same factors which can afflict other skin types. Any skin care product offered by The Organic Make-up Co. will benefit this type of skin.

Combination Skin

Most people have combination skin, with oily areas focused around the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Other areas of the face can at the same time be very dry. All of the products offered by The Organic Make-up Co. are gentle and effective enough to treat combination skin, but if you have problems with acne, follow the recommendations for oily skin.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is not a skin type, but rather a skin condition which has developed from a skin type. Anyone can develop sensitive skin, often due to hormonal changes caused by menopause or pregnancy. This condition can also develop from allergies to cosmetic ingredients, foods or environmental factors. Many ingredients made from animal products, petroleum or synthetics are known allergens for the skin.

Basic Knows

Conventional skincare products form a barrier to prevent moisture loss. The miniaturized particles, by contrast, are intended to work their way through the skin's outer layers and boost production of new cells so the skin remains soft, plump and free of wrinkles, thanks to proper cleansing, even in middle age. The unique chemical composition of the skin care products secure the absolute efficiency and the enchanting fragrances get us closer to the nature. Proper skin care and age have to be correlated. It is an open secret that age brings about the negative changes in the condition of the skin. But the visible signs of the aging skin can easily be reduced with the help of the efficient aging skin care products.

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