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Hair Removal

There are many methods of hair removal, such as shaving, waxing, use of depilatory creams, epilators, lasers or electrolysis. Whatever method you choose, there are some hair removal tips that you can take into consideration when appropriate:

   1. Never share your razors, as this is a fast way of spreading skin infections.
   2. Use a sharp blade. Worn blades cause skin irritation and they don't remove all hairs.
   3. Soak the hair in warm water first for at least three minutes. Warm water softens the hair, opens the hair follicles and relaxes the skin. Wet hair reduces wear on the blade.
   4. You can use hair conditioner to help soften the hair before shaving it. Just let it sit for a minute or so, then rinse thoroughly.
   5. Avoid shaving when you first get up after sleeping. Body fluids make the skin more puffy. After 20 to 30 minutes the skin becomes tauter and the hair shaft more exposed.
   6. Don't apply alcohol-based deodorants or perfumes to skin right after shaving. Follow this basic rule: If it stings or hurts, you shouldn't be using it.
   7. Carefully remove ingrown hairs with tweezers and make sure you scrub your skin once or twice a week, to prevent hairs to in grow.
   8. Wax instead of shaving, because it lasts longer. If you go for waxing, either buy some one-use waxed stripes or go to a cosmetics center. Using hot wax at home is not advisable, as you can easily burn yourself. Besides, if you spill wax over your carpets, you'll find a lot of pain in removing it without any trace.
   9. After the hair removal procedure, you can use baby oil to calm down the skin and prevent irritations.
  10. If you can't stand hair removal, but you don't like it to be visible, you can bleach it. Bleaching lightens the hair closer to skin color, so that it cannot be noticed so easily. Use only special body hair bleaches.

By fathama begum on June 8, 2008
please can you recomend me a facial hair bleach that i can use that will not turn my hair blond but mke it pale as i have fair skin ai the moment iam using jolen that is blond. many thanks

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Facial Skin Care
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