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Dermanew Total Body Experience Micro-Dermabrasion System

Your Home... Your Spa. DermaNews Total Body Experience turns your home into a personal spa, allowing complete facial and body rejuvenation in the comfort and privacy of your own home. MSRP: $80.00

Dermanew Total Body Experience Micro-Dermabrasion System

Product Features:

Smooth away surface cell debris from head to toe, leaving only smooth, healthy-looking skin.

Product Description:

The Total Body Experience includes:

  • Accelerated Formula Microdermabrasion Crème, 5.3 oz
  • Polishing Body Wash, 2.0 oz
  • Total Body Moisture Renewal, 0.9 oz
  • Dual Action Resurfacing Tool
  • Body Foam Applicator
  • Facial Foam Applicator
  • Callous Softening Attachment
  • 2 AA batteries

The ergonomically designed Dual Action Resurfacing Tool has several new benefits for improved performance. The upgraded Cylindrical Motor provides a more concentric, even resurfacing action and a two minute timer ensures a thorough exfoliation without over-exfoliating. It is water resistant, has rubberized side handles. The Body Foam Applicator is the perfect size for covering the back, abdomen, arms, legs, hands, feet and delicate décolleté. Callous Softening Attachment is uniquely designed to soften and remove calloused or rough skin from hands and feet.

Accelerated Formula Microdermabrasion Crème is formulated to resurface even the most delicate skin types. Supercharged antioxidants and essential natural moisturizers combat dehydration and signs of aging.

Polishing Body Wash cleanses and gently exfoliates dry and dull body skin. The copper micro-beads help remove cell debris and polish skin as Jojoba and natural emollients nourish the skin. Use daily and prior to DermaNew Microdermabrasion for optimum results.

Total Body Moisture Renewal is specifically formulated to provide intensive moisture and nourishment for hands, feet and body.

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