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Cosmetics and Makeup

A beauty makeup tip would be to purchase these items, a good moisturizer, and an easy to apply foundation, eye shadow, eye concealer, blush, and mascara. That¡¯s it. Here are something new, maybe we need to know about makeup and cosmetics.

True mineral makeup with all-natural formulations free of ingredients that can irritate your skin. No oils, talc, fragrances, synthetic colorants or dyes. Every product is formulated for sheer and maximum coverage.

Color wise, the hot trends are subdued neutrals, playful pastels and shades that light you up. The new spring eye shadow and lip color collections will put you smack in the middle of the action with an array to live for.

Kinetin protects leaves from drying and premature aging. Further studies showed it delays the destruction of skin cells that produce elastin and collagen. Kinetin is a proven anti-oxidant protecting your skin from environmentally-induced free radicals produced by exposure to the sun, smoking and pollution. Kinetin is not an acid and will not increase your risk of sun damage. Kinetin improves the skin barrier function, increasing its ability to retain much needed moisture.

Kinetin works to restore the natural moisture barrier function of the skin to preserve and soften skin without side effects and provides protection for your skin from free radical damage. And, Kinetin has anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideally suited for even highly sensitive skin.

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Facial Skin Care
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