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Microdermabrasion FAQ

Q: How long do treatments take?

A: Microdermabrasion treatments usually require 30-45 minutes and may be performed at the initial consultation if prearranged

Q: Does microdermabrasion hurt?

A: Microdermabrasion does not hurt although it may sting a little around the eye area. The patient normally works up to a level as they go to increase the penetration to the skin. Your skin may feel a little hot and appear a little pink for the first day.

Q: Are there any contraindications for microdermabrasion?


  • Patients are asked to cease use of certain topical agents such as glycolic acids, alpha-hydroxy acids and Retin-A for a few days before microdermabrasion treatment.
  • Patients who present with certain facial skin disorders may be advised not to pursue treatment, e.g. acne rosacea or even facial telangiectasia.
  • If a patient experiences red streaking from the treatment because of over intense strokes or very sensitive skin, the patient should cease further treatments until the erythema has fully subsided.
  • Patients with any signs of a sunburn should not be treated.

Other Considerations:

  • Requires multiple sessions and maintenance treatments.
  • Patients with good skin tone will show best results.
  • An individualized skin care program may be recommended to maximize results.

By sophie dickson from 3 on February 7, 2011
hi, i'm 16 and i have stretch marks on my arms, is there any way micro dermabrasion will help me get rid of these?
By Lorraine Loftus from Dublin. Ireland on December 27, 2010
Hi, I have extremely dry flaky rough skin all over by body esp back and legs. I had excema as a child and have grown out of that but now i'm left with rough skin. i've spent a fortune on creams and body polish's in the salon. I'm really looking for something i could use at home. Wud micro dermabrasion would work for my problem. thanks
By Golden from Trinidad on August 8, 2008
I have what seems to be open pores although I am not sure if it is scaring from acne. Will Microdermabrasion help for any of these?
By Patsy Schnare from Nova Scotia, Canada on July 28, 2008
I received a Microdermabrasion kit for Christmas and am very disappointed. At first it seemed ok, but no matter how lightly I went it reddened my skin and in some areas actually broke capilliaries - some of which have never cleared up. I know now that I should have never used the unit, and since have read this in several health magazines. Also, within the first two weeks the foam head fell off - I know I was not supposed to get water on it but I didn't know how else to clean it. As this was a gift from Costco I do not have any receipts, can you help me?
In closing I would like to say my daughter and I use Neutrogena products faithfully, they truly are superior. I suppose this is why I feel sorry to send you this email.
Hopefully you would not mind if I returned my Microdermabrasion kit?
Thank you, Patsy Schnare
By fathama begum on June 8, 2008
hi just wanted to know if micro would help with burn scars, thanks
By leanne yeung from Ireland on April 30, 2008
Hi, my beautician recommended I get micro dermabrasion. Im 19 wit a few scars from spots on my chin, nothin major. Would you recommend I go for it??

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